Look Who’s Back…

Welcome to The View from the Junkyard!  We are just starting to put this all together at this stage but if you have stumbled across this while it is in its infancy then welcome, and please feel free to hit the follow button (when we have one!) so you can receive updates as the site progresses.  First, a bit of explanation as to what this blog is:

Once upon a time there used to be a website called “The Doctor Who Review”.  It was quite a popular little site, although far from being one of the big hitters on the net, but received decent numbers of visitors and was popular enough that I managed to do a few interviews and get sent the occasional review copy of a book or audio release.  It was a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work, what with writing the code for each page, and then updating when people contributed their own comments.  We had a select band of frankly magnificent commentors, and some of us have kept in touch by email.  Eventually I took the difficult decision to close the site down as it had become too much work and I wanted to concentrate on my history researches, which eventually led to…

Windows into History

Over 800 followers later, and I have achieved far more than I ever set out to with that, and feel like it is time to return to the fun of Doctor Who, although there will still of course be regular updates to the history blog.  If you have an interest in history, then please take a look!  It focusses on forgotten books and travel journals, mainly from 19th Century.

So a bit of nostalgia first for those who remember the original site.  Here’s how it looked for most of its life (with obvious constant variations!)


That was one of the many menu pages.  Weren’t those the days, where website links were always underlined.  And here is a later version:


That was my “pick silly photos of the Doctor” phase.

hartnell davison colin mccoy

Now that’s got the nostalgia out of the way, let’s look at what we are going to be doing here.  Well, firstly some of the original team are ready and waiting to contribute reviews and articles of interest.  We will be heavily featuring a two-view style of reviewing, with views from both “sides of the pond”.  A lot of the initial content will bring back stuff from the original review site but (a) it will always be updated, and (b) will be clearly signposted as such.  There will also be plenty of new material.

At the moment we don’t have menus and widgets in place, but that will all be added as soon as we have some content in place, so as well as the latest posts you will also be able to navigate by Doctor, etc, etc.  I can see it all in my head, if not on the page yet!  There will also be exclusive artwork (the banner above is just a placeholder – a bit of Castrovalva-esque Escher until the real one is ready!) and maybe even a bit of fan fiction.

So we will get started very soon, and the perfect starting place is… no not An Unearthly Child, but the place where those “views from across the pond” first really hit their stride on the original site: a review of The Christmas Invasion.

About Roger Pocock

Co-writer on junkyard.blog. Author of windowsintohistory.wordpress.com. Editor of frontiersmenhistorian.info
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