A Big List of Baddies

monstersThe main villain (not chosen with the most thorough of thought processes) in every televised Classic Doctor Who story from 1963 to 1996, in order, from the start. Why? Just because.

A caveman, Daleks, Susan Scissorhands, a sneaky double-crossing friend of Marco Polo, Voords, an Aztec priest, Sensorites, some French chaps, a murderer, Daleks, a cosplayer, Nero, the Animus, the Saracens, Morons (sorry, Moroks), Daleks, the Monk, Drahvins, Daleks, assorted Greeks and Trojans, Daleks, more French chaps, Monoids, the Toymaker, Americans, the Elders, WOTAN, pirates, Cybermen, Daleks, the Scottish, a mad scientist, Cybermen, Macra, Chameleons, Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti, Ice Warriors, the Doctor’s evil double, Yeti, killer seaweed, Cybermen, Dominators, an old writer, Cybermen, Croutons Krotons, Ice Warriors, space pirates, a rogue Time Lord, Autons, Silurians, a xenophobic ex-astronaut, an eye patch, Autons and the Master, the Master, Axons and the Master, the Master, a very big demonic creature and the Master, Daleks, a xenophobic priest, Sea Devils and the Master, the Marshal, the Master, Omega, Drashigs, the Master, Daleks, giant maggots, a Sontaran, dinosaurs, Daleks, Ice Warriors, giant spiders, a power-crazed woman and her giant robot, the Wirrn, a Sontaran, Davros and the Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons, an antimatter monster, Sutekh, Kraals, a mad scientist and a brain in a jar, a mad botanist and his killer plants, an evil cult, Eldrad, the Master, a computer gone mad, robots gone mad, Weng-Chiang, a Rutan, a sentient virus, the Fendahl, a taxman, the magically disappearing Doctor Who budget, Sontarans, conmen, a space pirate, blood-sucking stones, Count Grendel, Kroll, the Black Guardian, Davros and the Daleks, Scaroth, Lady Adrasta, Mandrels, How Many Nimons Have You Seen Today?, Pangol, a killer cactus, Marshmen, vampires, slave traders, the Master, the Master, the Master, Monarch, the Mara, Terileptils, a murderer, Cybermen, the Master, Omega, the Mara, the Black Guardian, the Black Guardian, the Black Guardian, the Master, a rogue Time Lord, Silurians and Sea Devils, the Malus, Tractators, Davros and the Daleks, the Master, some very unpleasant people, giant gastropods, Cybermen, Sil, the Rani and the Master, Sontarans, the Bored (sorry, Borad), Davros and the Daleks, the Doctor’s evil alter-ego, the Rani, Kroagnon, the Bannermen, Kane, Davros and the Daleks, Helen A, Cybermen, evil robot clowns, Morgaine and her Destroyer, Light, Fenric, the Master, the Rani, the Master.

Now it’s somebody else’s turn to do the same for the new series…   RP

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4 Responses to A Big List of Baddies

  1. Mike Basil says:

    The magically disappearing Dr. Who budget in place of the Oracle for Underworld makes enough sense because, quite honesty, it was the most unoriginal Dr. Who villainy that I recall…even if I’m rather fond of the 3-red-eyed cylo-heads underneath the hoods. That’s just me finding my shares of likes and dislikes in TV shows and movies. Thanks for this one.

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  2. Mike L says:

    I love that you called The Borad, the Bored. Brilliant!
    I never care for the Underworld, even on my more recent viewing…


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