Doctor Who Lexicon 1

zarbiSeason One

Chesterton is a place name (a suburb of Cambridge, for example), derived from the Anglo-Saxon “ceaster”, a Roman fort, and “tun”, a settlement.

Wright is derived from the Old English “wryhta”, a wood-worker.

Susan is a name derived from the Hebrew word for a lily.

Za is a song by Supergrass.

Hur was a companion of Moses in the Bible.

Kal is a world music band from Serbia.

Horg is a former municipality in Norway.

Dalek is Serbo-Croatian for “far” or “distant”.

Thal is a town in Germany that was the birthplace of Johann Ludwig Bach.

Notre-Dame-d’Alydon is a Medieval church in Oppede Le Vieux, France.

Elyon is one of the names of God in the Bible.

Acomat Falls is a waterfall in Guadeloupe.

Voord is a Dutch word for a fort.

Sabetha is a city in Kansas.

Morpho is a genus of tropical butterflies.

Ixta is a volcano in Mexico.

Tonila is a town in Mexico.

Season Two

Carl Tyler was a weatherman for the Meridian region of ITV (who I used to see on television every day!)

David Campbell is an Australian singer who was also a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Roboman is the Brazilian name for 1986 Canadian sci-fi film The Vindicator.

Dido was the first Queen of Carthage, and is also a successful English singer and songwriter (named after her).

Vicki is a 1953 crime drama film-noir.

Zarbi is a French word for “bizarre”.

Vortis was an indie punk band (whatever that means), established in 2000.

Animus is Latin for “heart”.

Nemini is Latin for “inhabitant”.

Lobos is Spanish for “wolves”.

Aridius is a genus of beetle.

Mechanoids (yes, I know the spelling isn’t quite right, but it isn’t in the TV21 comic strip The Eve of War either!) were one of the factions in the 80s video game Mercenary.

Wulnoth the Wanderer was an historical adventure book for boys written by British author Herbert Escott Inman in 1908.

Eldred must live.  No wait… that’s Eldrad.


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2 Responses to Doctor Who Lexicon 1

  1. Mike Loschiavo says:

    Fascinating post! Fun but also a bit “zarbi”.
    I had to do it!!

    I like it. I hope to see more! It would be a fun lexicon to have at the back of a book! How often do people want to read the “dictionary” at the end of a book? Never. Unless it was FUN!

    I’d call this a success. (Do we have a word for “success” yet?)


    Liked by 1 person

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