Who makes the season bright?

Junkyard Advent Day 3: what built today’s snowman?

Fellow Whovians,

Capaldi’s time as the Doctor is coming to an end on Christmas Day so in preparation of that I thought we’d talk about that certain someone we all know and love.

Coming in at almost 2000 years of age, traveling in a vehicle made of wood that makes a cacophonous sound when it lands, able to travel everywhere in the blink of an eye; he’s had many faces and brings happiness wherever he goes.  You all know him and love him.  Let’s give a round of applause to…


I know, you probably saw that coming!

St. Nicholas is believed to have been born in the late 200’s AD which would give him an age somewhere around 2000 now.  His kindness became the stuff of legend and somewhere over time, he transformed into this jolly old fella who travels the globe in an instant.  He carries what appears to be an infinitely large bag of toys bringing joy to all!  Sounds remarkably like someone else we know!   (His eyes, how they twinkled…)   We travel from mall to mall to get yearly pictures with him yet he looks different in each one, even when we go to the same mall, year after year!  Regenerate much?  His conveyance appears to be made of wood, though to travel fast enough to reach every child on the planet, no wood could sustain that speed!  In fact, there’s only one way to do that that I know of.  And when he arrives on the lawn, there may arise such a clatter, that you’ll spring “from your bed to see what was the matter”.  Whether reindeer hooves or a wheezing, groaning sounds, it’s a sound we all long to hear!  Red or blue, the vessel stands unique and untouched throughout history and who knows, maybe a working chameleon circuit can make a TARDIS look suspiciously like a reindeer-pulled sled!

Santa and the Doctor have been linked and I’m not the first to do it.  Since the return of Doctor Who in 2005, there have been many appearances of Jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

Rose Tyler: Look at you, beaming away like Father Christmas.

Doctor: Who says I’m not, red-bicycle-when-you-were-12!

Rose: What?!?

And then the Christmas gifts came!  Santa showed up in 2005 when the Sycorax used robot Santas to terrorize London on Christmas Day.  A year later the Racnoss began using those same robots.  Maybe there’s an intergalactic market on Robot Santa’s…

But the episodes were the extra gift.  The satsuma at the end that was the last thing to “open” when everyone settled down.  Christmas just wasn’t going to be Christmas without the Doctor.  In fact, it was bookended by Santa at midnight delivering gifts and the Doctor at the other end after dinner, when all the gifts were opened.  Maybe he was coming back to settle down after a long day’s work!

It was in season 8’s Christmas Special, Last Christmas, that the real Santa Claus showed up.  Or did he?  Were the Doctor, Clara and the audience actually in a dream?  There was an orange, or a satsuma sitting on the window sill by the end of the episode which was the indicator that everything was a dream, so maybe the Santa we met was not the real Santa!

Or is it possible we did meet the real Santa, but we were looking at the wrong guy!

Doctor: There’s something you have to ask yourself and it’s important.  Your life may depend on it!  Everybody’s life!  Do you believe in Santa Clause?

Clara: I’ve always believed in Santa Claus.  But he looks a little different to me!

The thing is, one is real and the other is not right?  Well perhaps that doesn’t matter.  Robin Hood may have summed it up better when he said:

Robin: And remember Doctor, I’m as real as you are!

If the Doctor is no more or less real than Robin, perhaps he and Santa are in the same sled!

Doctor: When did you start believing in impossible heroes?

Clara: Don’t you know?

Perhaps there’s really no difference between them.  They both bring joy.  They both bring a cheer.  They both make everything merry.  So that rests my case. I conclude that, whatever face you give him, Santa is real!  He may travel in a different mode of conveyance from one person to the next, but he’s out there making the season bright.

Ida Scott: Really though, Doctor, who are you?

Doctor: Oh, the stuff of legends.

Too right!  I’ll close with a sentiment echoed by Robin Hood in Robot of Sherwood.  While he may have meant it of himself and the Doctor, I’d argue that it applies to Santa too, and he hits a bullseye with this one:

Perhaps we will both be stories.  And may those stories never end.


C-22.  ML


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1 Response to Who makes the season bright?

  1. Mike Basil says:

    Because of my own revolutionary faith in the multiverse, I go with Fredric Brown’s multiversal perspective. Namely that if you can imagine an otherwise-in-this-reality fictional person, like Sherlock Holmes, Emma Peel or Doctor Who, then that person is consequently real in some alternately realistic universe. So thank you both for these very thoughtful reviews.

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2018.

    Liked by 1 person

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