Christmas Doctors

Junkyard Advent Day 23: what built today’s snowman?

Our regularly scheduled weekend post has been interrupted by this special treat.  But first, a quick story…

When I met my wife, I discovered we both shared an admiration for a certain doctor.  You see where this is going, right?   I bet you don’t!   See, her doctor is “Seuss” and mine is “Who”.  Doctor Who has made it a point of reaching Christmas for the last several years on TV while making for a lifetime of happy Christmas gifts for me, while Doctor Seuss had visited the ironically named Whoville every Christmas since I was a child.  Both Doctor’s made a huge impact on us.  My wife and I are a great team, so it’s no surprise to me that our Doctors would work equally well together.

This year, my wife introduced her Doctor to the Doctor and to a family we both cared about, the Arwells.    Going back to my favorite Christmas special, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe, (with a little Seussical twist), I am very happy to present a little something my wife wrote up just for our website…


Amy and Rory could tell you a story
Of a Christmas time long, long ago
It’s a tale of two kids escaping the blitz
In a country house covered with snow

It began with a fright on a cold winter’s night
When a spaceman crashed down from on high
Madge Arwell bore witness and since it was Christmas
Kindly helped him get back to the sky.

That spaceman Madge helped was The Doctor himself
And he never forgets a good deed
So, when the time came along that Madge’s husband was gone
The alien time traveler, as always, paid heed

As caretaker, the Doctor, felt right at home
Making for Cyril and Lily, a magical zone,
Full of happy surprises away from the Blitz
Like a portal disguised as a cool Christmas gift

A treat to a snowy planet was what was in store
But Cyril couldn’t wait and wandered in before
The others went in search and while they were looking
Discovered the trees were about to get an acid-rain soaking

At the caretaker’s urging, Madge’s feelings were surging,
She felt and she felt till it hurt,
Through the time vortex she rode, her sad thoughts they echoed
Like the grim RAF telegram alert

Her heartache not in vain
As her pain stopped the rain,
The trees have been freed
And they all now can breathe

Back to reality, Madge knew it was time
To disclose to her kids their dad’s fate
But before she could tell, as if by a spell
His plane landed outside their estate

With no moon, stars or light
The brave pilot went astray
But fateful Mother Christmas
Shining bright, lit the way

He followed her home
And to the children’s delight
They can all have a merry
‘Happy crying’ Christmas night.


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2 Responses to Christmas Doctors

  1. Your sister says:

    Well done. Adorable.

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  2. Mike Basil says:

    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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