Attack of the Graske

graskeEver get the nagging feeling you’ve missed something?  We’ve had an amazing December on The View from the Junkyard, writing about every Christmas episode of Doctor Who ever made.  And yet… we ended up with a little hole in our journey through Doctor Who Christmasses Past.  And that little hole was in the shape of a little Graske.

So while we let the turkey and mince pies settle heavily on the stomach, let’s take a quick look back at that (clearly quite forgettable) extra Christmas bonus from 25th December 2005.

After the transmission of The Christmas Invasion there was an extra treat for Doctor Who fans.  The Doctor asked us to press our red buttons to join him on another adventure.  For ten minutes or so, we could be the companion, solving puzzles and flying the TARDIS with the number and arrow keys on the remote control.  Unlike the regular stories, this was aimed entirely at children.  I wasn’t a child at the time, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me, so I gave it a go.

The puzzles were fairly intelligence-insulting even for kids, and for most of the story exactly the same thing happened whether you got them right or not, but this was pushing red button technology to a point where it couldn’t really go much further.  Only the final choice made a difference – send everyone back where they came from and save the family’s Christmas or freeze time and, well, achieve nothing really.  Making mistakes throughout the rest of the story led to the Doctor doing your job for you instead, the difference being approval or gentle criticism.  Only at the final hurdle was there a point to the interactivity.  Nonetheless, the story was well put together, and David Tennant was natural and friendly as the Doctor, talking directly to us.  Many actors wouldn’t have bothered to put much effort into this sort of thing, but it was clear that Tennant cared enough about the role to make sure every appearance, however small, was spot on. There were some nice touches throughout and the Slitheen was a surprise bonus, although the clumsy concept of ‘Slitheen’ being a family rather than species name seemed to have been quietly forgotten.  Attack of the Graske was the first of its kind but sadly the last of its kind as well.  Like those family board games in the evening on Christmas Day, it kept the kids busy, maybe provided some amusing and often slightly annoying entertainment for some of the adults, and was more enjoyable with a glass of something and a box of chocolates.

…your regularly scheduled programming will resume…  RP

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