Doctor Who Lexicon 3

A Macedonian Foresty Axon

Season Six

Toba is a very rude word in Brazil.

Cully is an archaic word for a gullible person.

Kando means crystallized sugar in Esperanto.

Senex is Latin for an old man.

A Quark is a subatomic particle, coined in 1963.

Benton was any living thing found at the bottom of the ocean, in Ancient Greek.

Vana means “vain” or “useless” in Italian, and is in the feminine form of the adjective.

A Kroton is a small piece of bread you put into your soup.  Well, almost.

Dervish is a fraternity of Sufism, its followers known for spinning around.

Weich is German for “weak” or “soft”, so the naming of Von Weich in The War Games is a critique of the character.

Season Seven

Channing is a city in Texas.

Dr Quinn is a medicine woman.

Masters is the plural of the verb “to master”, which means to wear a beard with style.

Corporal Nutting is an offence punishable by court martial.

Private Robins are more expensive than NHS Robins.

Silurian describes the geological period that was the likeliest candidate for humans and bipedal reptiles co-existing.  Honest.

Stahlman seems to have been an attempt to chose a surname for the character that means something like “man of steel”.  Unfortunately “stahl” means “stolen” in Old High German, so it’s more like “man of steal” than “man of steel”.

Sir Keith Gold is the compilation album of Sir Keith.  A bit like Abba Gold.

Season Eight

Goodge is an area of London.

If you have a Brownrose it’s time to put it in the bin.

Corporal Bell is what you ring to summon a corporal.

Axos is Ancient Macedonian for a forest.

Chinn is a very chinny chin chin.

Bill Filer is a means of saving money on your household expenses.   Just file a bit off the edges.

Ashe is Albanian for holly.

Bok is the sound it makes when somebody does some Corporal Nutting.

Ok, I might have got a bit bored halfway though that.   RP

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