Doctor Who: Season 11 trailer

As you know, we are coming into the new season of Doctor Who on October 7th and will start using Sundays to review the new episodes but that will start the week after episode 1.  (Meaning the 14th will be our first review.)  That means we have 3 Sundays to get ready.  And we have almost no information so far.  To be honest, even if we do, I’m avoiding reading as much as possible for as long as I can.  But trailer 2 just aired on September 20th.   We’ve had some new artwork too.  We’re definitely ramping up.

season 11

So for today, just a few observations.  I am assuming we have all followed the trailers, for starters, but we’re none the wiser as to what is coming.  Jodie looks like she’ll be fun but what clues have we been given so far?

  • A Tattooine like planet.
  • A couple brief images of the new sonic screwdriver
  • A simple but effective introduction to who the Doctor is. (Jodie tells us two things about the Doctor.)
  • Looking at the “let’s get shift on” scene, there are armored warriors firing on them. Not Sontaran, possibly Mire?  If so, they’ve lost weight.
  • Bradley Walsh’s “detonation” scene shows he has something on his temple. Cybertech?
  • There are hallways which remind me of a brighter sea base from Before the Flood.

Then the trailer does what we’ve been seeing so much of especially in trailer one: close ups of people we don’t know as if we’re supposed to care.  I’m sure we will but we don’t yet, so the use of this sort of trailer is ineffectual.  Clearly, they are trying to obscure things to give us more for the episode, but it leaves us wanting.  Until…

  • The “under the bed” scene shows something moving and, friends, I’ve looked closely and I’m not happy. It is distinctly arachnid.
  • Worse, the very next “running with flashlights” scene shows two members of the crew being chased. Look closely.  I have no doubt: a giant spider.
  • Jodie gets a “Lord of the Rings ring-reach” scene, but without any indication of what that’s all about.
  • There are Matrix-style robots that move above the Doctor.
  • And then the Doctor give us a kiss as she backs into the light…

Truly not much to go on.  We just have to wait.

Oh, and, to make matters worse, the opening music will not feature in the first episode. Why, Chibbers?  Why??

So, friend, any thoughts?  ML

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