Season 11: More Hints

As our Junkyard fans know, Sunday’s are a bit lite for us right now, but I don’t want to leave anyone totally devoid of news.  Next Sunday is the premiere but if all goes according to plan, I’ll be at the NY ComicCon so for the first time ever, I won’t be at home in front of my television for a new Doctor Who episode.  (There’s some potential of meeting Matt Smith and David Tennant, so I’ll watch the episode later.  I’ll also report on how many more years I’ll have to work to pay off that event…)  But Jodie has been turning up on a number of shows, including BBC Radio 6’s Shaun Keaveny which I was able to listen to this morning.  A good bit of fun but no big reveal.  Then Graham Norton had her on with Lady Gaga, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.  Barring watching her play the Doctor Who theme on a thereman, there are still no new details.  We’ve gotten some really colorful new artwork though and I have to say, it’s eye-catching!


The lack of news is disappointing to a degree but I’d be lying if I said I really wanted that much right now.  I really want this to be close to spoiler free.  Which ultimately means moving to the Skellig Islands if I want to truly avoid spoilers.  Yeah, never gonna happen!  Seriously though, I do want the surprises to be revealed during the episode but I guess, maybe, a couple won’t hurt.  I have been avoiding every spoiler I can, not even reading episode synopses but there’s a limit.

I confess, I did break down when First Look came on and gave us 1 minute of footage.  I didn’t want to.  I tried to fight it.  The episode came up saying something like “I am your Master and you will obey me… and watch this video!”  It’s a bit of a blur but I clicked the play button.  I failed to avoid this spoiler in a way that could best be described with the words EPIC and FAILURE together.

For those who have not seen it, and if you’re not afraid of being branded with the same two words that I have branded myself, pop over to and watch the First Look video:

The quick takeaways:

  • The Doctor is going to go through the whole amnesia thing; not loving that but…
  • Unlike The Christmas Invasion, it looks like the Doctor will be up and about for most of it, hopefully capturing the best bits of Matt Smith’s premiere, The Eleventh Hour.
  • At least two of the new companions will be competent and intelligent.
  • There appears to be comedy.
  • The gender change will not be a big deal.  Thank Rassilon!

Now, it’s not much to go on.  It’s one minute of footage.  I could be misreading the entire thing!  But it’s all we’ve got for one more week.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve started my countdown clock already…  ML

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1 Response to Season 11: More Hints

  1. Mike Basil says:

    The best review I’ve heard so far about Jodie’s first story is that her Doctor is less God-like which, as I’ve shared in previous comments, I was particularly looking forward to. The Doctor has for all realism worked best as the kind of hero, even if he/she is alien in origin, that we may meet in our real world. Because a real hero never takes all the credit. A real hero motivates others to be the heroes we can each realistically be in times of need. Thanks, ML, for this page.


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