The impossible dream of anime

lipxlipWe are living in a strange new world, and a lot of our social interactions have moved online.  From my own point of view that has been a great thing, as I have made friends around the world, so it does open up the whole world to people in that way.  But it does come at a price, and that price can often be paid by the younger generation.  When people interact online the gulf between reality and our imagination can be enormous, but imagine how much that is heightened in Japanese society, for teenagers whose imaginations are sparked by anime.  That gulf must surely become impossibly wide.  There is a very good pop video that illustrates that point brilliantly:

A great song, but quite a sad video, and very thought provoking.  Those images of anime characters provide a powerful fantasy world, but they are an image of beauty that can never be reflected in reality.  Nobody can ever aspire to look like their favourite anime character because the big anime eyes are an impossible vision of beauty.  Film and television tends to sell almost unattainable levels of beauty in any case, but with anime the dream is impossible.  So it is important when watching our favourite films and television shows to keep a grip on the real world and realise that we are not going to be able to emulate the airbrushed or animated beauty that we see on screen.  Imagine how difficult that must be for teenagers who inhabit a digital world for so much of their lives, and whose entertainment is populated by fantasy perfection.  We need to keep at least one foot in the real world.   RP

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  1. scifimike70 says:

    Keeping at least one foot in the real world is especially true on Remembrance Day. Thank you for this thoughtful article. 🌺

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