A Touchdown on Thanksgiving

For the month of December, I intended to look at some Christmas gift ideas, but needed to start early because of Thanksgiving.  As Americans, we celebrate Thanksgiving every November to give thanks for all we have.  The origin has to do with the early settlers, but nowadays, it’s more of an excuse to get together with family, eat far more than one should, and enjoy each other’s company.  It’s not a bad way to spend some free time, that’s for sure.  And if we’re honest, there’s a lot to give thanks for.  Health, family, friends; I appreciate it all.  I’m also grateful to all the readers of our blog and the friends we’ve made along the way, who keep coming back day after day.  I see the “likes” we get and those of you who take the time to do that mean the world to me.  We might not be bestselling authors, but the fact that we have readers coming back for more makes me feel great!  Thank you for that.  But I have always said that Doctor Who was a personal journey for me and this year I have something special to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

My sister and I share the major holidays.  My wife and I take Christmas day (or eve), while my sister takes Thanksgiving.  This year, my 10 year old nephew was asking if he could give me something he had picked up for me but my sister said it was for Christmas. No, he insisted.  He said he didn’t get it for me as a Christmas gift; he just wanted to get it for me as a gift.  I don’t know about you all, but when a 10 year old decides that he wants to buy his uncle something “just because”, well I know I want to shout it from the rooftops!   But it goes deeper than just getting me a little something because Nicky is a sports kid – if there is a ball in it, he knows how to play it.  He knows the rules, who the best players are, and when the playoffs are.  This is exactly not my world.  We don’t share much in our likes, but kudos to him because he reminded me that it doesn’t matter when we adore one another.  Nicky goes to the same grade school I went to and, like I used to, he gets gets to order books from those school based book clubs. Imagine my surprise when I was given this book for Thanksgiving.


Now to make it even more special, he flipped through the entire book with me!  Granted it’s not his thing but he demonstrated just how much he must love his uncle when he would ask questions about things we looked at.  And he proved to me that he knew way more about the series than I ever thought possible!  Ok, ok, you want to hear about the book!  That’s fair…   It’s a hefty book of just under 200 pages and is exactly what it advertises as: a handbook.   Released by Penguin UK, it covers Harnell to Whittaker.  It has very little to say about our new Doctor because this must have come out just prior to the new series, but it’s a start.  If you’re new to Doctor Who, it gives information about everything as far back as the original episode now 55 years (and 2 days) ago!  There is information on all the Doctors with color images and descriptions of everything.  Autons to Zygons, they leave out nothing, but equally do not make it difficult for the new reader to become interested.  It is not geared for the fan who knows it all; it’s made as a quick intro to anything that might be of interest.   If you’re just curious about Doctor Who and had this book nearby, one could fill in most of the blanks that might pop up.  As a longtime fan, it’s a great item for any bookshelf.  It’s got weight and a beautiful cover.  What is weird is that I did a search to grab a picture of the book and can’t find one!  My amazing nephew found me a book that I can’t even locate online!   I call that a win!

I have not read the whole book yet, having barely gotten past the introduction, but you know the writers are legit when the intro ends with “It’s a journey that will go on forever” – these are writers that get what Doctor Who is: a magical show that has no limits to what it can do or the stories it can tell.  But then, that’s a bit like my nephew who managed to make my Thanksgiving even more special than I could have imagined.  What a great nephew, huh?  Every Doctor Who book that has ever been given to me has a story behind it – I have never forgotten one of them.  It’s nice that this one will be on display through the holidays so I can tell everyone the story of the home run, or the touchdown, or the goal, or the awesome victory Nicky scored in my heart!  Thank you, Nicky, for giving me a wonderful present on Thanksgiving!  ML

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3 Responses to A Touchdown on Thanksgiving

  1. scifimike70 says:

    Thanks for sharing, ML. Happy Thanksgiving. 🙌

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  2. Your sister says:

    I read any post you write but today’s was the best ever. Still waters run deep. I had no idea the gift meant THAT much to you and now I’m even happier I conceded and let Nicky give it to you on Thanksgiving. He is a special boy. Not just because he is mine. He is a well rounded young man. Sci fi or sports. Love is his language. And he adores you.

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