The Many Lives of Doctor Who

I have to make today’s post a quick one.  I had a tough day including a flood and far too much driving but I didn’t want to leave our Christmas list blank!  Santa is coming and there are plenty of fun Doctor Who items to be found. Take this gem for example…


I was in Barnes and Noble killing some time a few days back when I spotted this thin volume hiding between those hard backed Doctor Who graphic novels; you know the ones that take too great a liberty with the canon for me to really get into.  But this one tied in nicely, as I learned right away!  Roger often makes the point about anime and the quality of the art therein.  Often, I find, this is what has kept me away: I’m typically not a fan!  But when the artwork is good, it’s a lure and I jump with a bit more gusto! Thankfully I started from the beginning because the artwork jumps around, as does the style of story.


Does that sound like the first Doctor, or what!?

The main story begins at the end of the Twelfth Doctor’s life, immediately before regenerating.  As he is about to go through that explosive burst of energy, we get a quick remembrance into all the Doctor’s past lives with a glimpse of never-before-seen stories.  Some inner voice, perhaps the TARDIS, is speaking to him, reminding him of all that came before, leading him to his next body but it gives us a few pages with each of our former heroes.  The stories range from good to silly, but the characterization is spot on.  I was a little turned off by some of the artwork, like the story for Tom Baker, which goes all out zany.


The Doctor was wacky, but the artwork didn’t have to be!

That said, it might make the younger audience quite happy.  And the stories are over so quickly that, if you don’t care for one, you don’t have to put up with it for long.  And that works nicely for the format.  The book was under $10; I think I paid $8 for it, but for the romp through time with all of the Doctors, I was not unhappy.

Overall, I was impressed with the stories and the great artwork from the current regeneration, which wraps up the book. We’re back in familiar territory as the Doctor’s regeneration completes and the new series is about to begin…


A scene we’ve all come to know and love.

It’s not a huge book and it probably won’t be the main Christmas gift for fans of the series, but it sure makes a great stocking-stuffer.  The stories are all over the place, but the cast is brought to beautiful life with this book.  With the end of season 11 coming today, this’ll give you something to read to tide you over until the New Year’s episode!  Enjoy!  ML

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  1. scifimike70 says:

    Thank you, ML. The pictures are beautiful.

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