Doctor Who Christmas Songs

christmas daleksWe all love a good festive pop song don’t we.  So why not mash up our favourite television series with the Christmas spirit?  Well, it has been tried once, in it’s purest form, so let’s start with the obvious, the time when somebody actually did attempt a Christmas hit with a Doctor Who theme…

I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek

Listen out for the rather Munsters-esque intro:

So that delight was by the little known Newcastle group The Go Go’s, not to be confused by the American female group of the same name.  As far as I can see it was their only release, and it didn’t get into the top 50 charts.

I’m gonna spend my Christmas with a Dalek,
And hug him underneath the mistletoe
And if he’s very nice
I’ll feed him sugar spice
And hang Christmas stocking from his big lead toe
And when we both get up on Christmas morning
I’ll kiss him on his chromium-plated head
And take him in to say hi to Mum
And frighten daddy out of his bed!

… and then he will exterminate you and your parents.  You see the flaw in the concept behind this particular Christmas song?

Let’s fast forward into the 21st Century.  For three years running, Murray Gold wrote some special songs for inclusion in the Doctor Who Christmas specials, and they were all brilliant.  First up was Song for Ten, performed by Neil Hannon:

This was followed by Love Don’t Roam the following year, also performed by Hannon:

.. and then for Voyage of the Damned possibly my favourite Christmas song of all time, although nobody who is not a Who fan has ever heard it…

The Stowaway

That was performed by Yamit Mamo, who went on to the heady heights of success, as a backing vocalist for Steps.  I remember a Bad Wolf convention with Mamo performing one evening.  Having gone through her set of non-Who songs, she seemed amazed that everyone wanted The Stowaway and she hadn’t prepared it.  Her musicians didn’t have the music to play it and Mamo didn’t remember the lyrics, so everyone just had a big sing along with her.  To her credit, she had a go and did her best, but one wonders what exactly she thought a room full of Who fans would be expecting from her.

For the Matt Smith Christmas special A Christmas Carol, we got a song from the ultra-famous Katherine Jenkins.  Finally the Christmas/Who mashup had hit the mainstream.  Kind of.

Abigail’s Song

…although it’s not terribly Christmassy is it.  Doesn’t quite scratch that itch for Doctor Who’s answer to Band Aid, or Shakin Stevens or whatever.  Fortunately YouTube has the answer.  Look what I stumbled across…

Regeneration Carol

“Maybe I’ll be ginger this time.”  Now if that doesn’t deserve to be Christmas #1, I don’t know what does.  Or if spending Christmas with a Dalek in 1964 doesn’t set your world alight (and your party hat), how about spending Christmas with a Sontaran:

Oh well.  Never mind.  I guess Doctor Who and Christmas just don’t really mix.  So I’ll just have to leave you instead with what truly is the greatest Christmas song of all time.  If we can’t have Doctor Who in our Christmas pop hits, at least we can have…

Dominick the Donkey

Don’t have nightmares.  Happy Christmas 🙂   RP

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