Life Lessons: 2018 Edition

To our friends at the Junkyard…

Nearing the end of 2018, I think it important to reflect on what we’ve learned.  2018 was a good year in many ways and one of the things that made it fun was the return of the Doctor, this time played by Jodie Whittaker.  While I don’t think this season will go down as one of those “must see” seasons, I do think it did everything it set out to do: return the Doctor to our screens, show us what inclusivity is all about, and prove that the Doctor is the Doctor no matter his or her gender.  Successes, all.  Maybe the stories could have been stronger, but they were not horrible!  The stories were almost a tribute to the original series with small scale invasions but more importantly, they were educational  So, without further prattling from me, I give you…

Life Lessons from the Doctor, 2018 edition

year end

When problems emerge, remember they are meant to be diagnosed.  Imagination is important.  Brains beat bullets.  

Don’t underestimate things.  Spiders, mud, cloth, and bubble wrap might be out to get you!  (Especially spiders…)

Get your friends together because multiple perspectives really can help.  Diversity is a good thing; through it, we can overcome the odds!  And don’t exclude people.  Racism sucks and segregation never works!

If we haven’t lived up to all we could this year, remember, there’s a twist in the sequel: love thy neighbor! We can make next year better.

We can all be doctors of hope.  People prevail, hope prevails!

For our family, remember we don’t have to be perfect; we just have to do our best.  Be there for one another.  All we can be is good men (and women).

While working remember to be a good manager even when you have to manage up.  All the best managers, the really good ones, value their staff.  It’s true, respect goes both ways. 

Sometimes we have to say goodbye.  There are ways to make that alright.  You carry them with you.  What they would’ve thought and said and done.  … make them a part of who you are.  So even though they are gone from the world, they are never gone from each of us*.

Never forget that love in all its forms is the most powerful weapon we have.  Like hope, love abides.  We need that from one another more than ever!

We can make next year even better than this one: We’re all capable of the most incredible change.  We can evolve while still staying true to who we are.  We can honor who we’ve been and choose who we want to be next.

Remember, none of us knows for sure what’s out there.  That’s why we keep looking.  Keep your faith.  Travel hopefully.  The universe will surprise you.  Constantly.

Maybe Chris Chibnall will too, with the New Year’s special.  Whether he does or not, to all our friends and family in The Junkyard, we wish you a happy, healthy and hopeful new year.  ML

*Sorry, I had to adjust the pronouns a bit…

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1 Response to Life Lessons: 2018 Edition

  1. scifimike70 says:

    Series 11 has basically been a story arc about feeling good about yourself as far as how the new Doctor and her new companions are getting along, with each other and the new adventures. It’s appropriate enough to make Jodie’s era different enough without necessarily (depending on how critics and fans either positively or negatively compare S11 to previous seasons) damaging what this iconic SF legacy is all about. Jodie’s feminine energy is beautiful. Especially because she’s never afraid to be openly vulnerable which is nicely reminiscent of Troughton and Davison. With the obvious subject matter of Dr. Who still being Dr. Who even with a female Doctor, which could remind fans of the brave chances taken by Barbara Benedetti, Lilly Nelson and Krystal Moore in their fan-series endeavors, the inevitable reassurance is that Dr. Who embraces change and so, even paradoxically, the more Dr. Who changes, the more it’s always Dr. Who.

    Thank you for this article and Happy 2019. 🌎🌍🌏🌌⚛️

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