Fallout: It Takes You Away

I’ve been taking a look at Doctor Who from a slightly different perspective lately.  After Resolution, it dawned on me that the fallout from these stories should be bigger; there should be a greater impact.  So It Takes You Away might fall right off the radar as basically no one is impacted by that story except for a kid and her dad.  I should end the article here and be done; give you readers back some of your day.  But why do that?  Not when there should still be fallout from the Doctor’s visit…

it takes you away

A reasonable place to leave a blind kid.  What could go wrong?

See, we are lucky in that there’s no real impact to the characters; no dead cops and stolen police cars.  These people are not going to be on the FBI’s most wanted list… but they’re going to need counselling.  Hanne may be blind but she’s not stupid; she knows now that her dad did the very thing Ryan insinuated: he ran off to be with another woman.  Another, from the point of view that even Hanne knew it wasn’t her actual mother.   She may be smart enough to work out that Erik (her dad) didn’t see it that way and he was fooled, but Ryan was the one person who called it like it was and made her aware that her dad was a jerk.  So heartbroken over the loss of his wife, he left his defenseless kid behind with the threat of a looming monster in the woods.  Why didn’t he take her to be with what he thought was her mother?  Wouldn’t they have been better off as a family?   Didn’t Erik think to make things right for all of them?  Or was the blind kid too much of a burden for him?

Erik now has to contend with the fact that he has been rejected by his pseudo-wife, betrayed his kids trust, and has to reintegrate into society.  Say it with me: the-ra-py!  I can hear the therapist now:

“So, Erik, why do you think your daughter says you betrayed her?”

“Well, doc, it’s because I left her alone in the woods so I could be with her dead mother in another universe while she waited at home in the cold without food and being terrorized by a fake monster I created.  Did I mention she’s blind.  And underage?   Or that her mom ended up being a frog!”

“Ah, I see.  So you probably have heard of child protective services?  That’s where your daughter will be going while we administer electro-shock therapy to you…”

On top of that, Erik decides to leave the house in the middle of the fjords to go back home.  Now, maybe things are different in Norway.  Here in the States, there aren’t any houses we can just go and use until we’re done with them.  We have to do something called “buy them” and “sell them”.  Otherwise, will Captain Jobless be able to get another house?  How does credit work in Norway?  Do they check and say, “sorry sir, you don’t have credit to rent a flat because you’re behind on your mortgage payments from that house in the fjords?”  So perhaps Erik considers selling that house, but we don’t even see him attempt to clean it.  He goes outside and says “we’re leaving”.  What about all their stuff?  What about tidying up?  Ok, maybe they’re freaked, but Erik knew the scoop by then, so why not at least get things together?  And what’s the realtor to do?

House for sale.  Wood floors.  Wood walls.  Wood ceilings.  Needs cleaning.  Lots of broken mirrors (*buy now, inhabit in 7 years).  Wrappers everywhere, but it should be too cold to bring out the bugs.  Exterminator fees nominal (special discount: call 1-800-My-Skaro).  Outdoor speaker system for scaring the locals or hosting Godzilla parties.  Great price.  Act now!

No, it’s not the fallout that Resolution gave us, but the Doctor leaves expecting people to be ok.  Frankly, this family will not be ok.  Hanne will grow up with trust issues and her dad will suffer guilt at what he’s done for the rest of his life.  The Doctor is supposed to leave people better than they were when she started.  These people may be better, but when you’re dealing with dysfunction, it’s a question of degrees and they are not far off from their starting point.  Dad still left his kid alone in the woods to canoodle a frog!

I know I’m going in reverse order but so far, it seems this Doctor is leaving a mess behind her.

Planet for sale: Earth.  Site of many alien incursions.  Saved by time traveler with a box.  Lots of fallout, broken people, and ruined buildings.  It’s been a “steal” on more than one occasion.  If human pests still inhabit the planet, exterminator fees nominal (special discount: call 1-800-My-Skaro).  ML

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3 Responses to Fallout: It Takes You Away

  1. scifimike70 says:

    The Doctor may have her own alien-wisdom-based faith that everything would turn out okay, even if forgiveness can be a challenging price to pay. Maybe she had some insight into their future. But as easy as its been for me to always give Dr. Who the benefit of the doubt, I can just as easily point out that Dr. Who’s portrayal of how things are meant to turn out well enough after the Doctor’s farewells, certainly in the sense that her moral right to intervene has understandable limits, has indeed been a tangent on specific occasions.

    This was at least a nice episode for the chance for Graham to find some closure with Grace. So its ability to mix the high and low points in that sense is traditionally fair. 🐸

    Thank you, ML, for your review.

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  2. scifimike70 says:

    In other news, Doctor Who, even with its share of NTA nominations and certainly for Jodie, had an equally fair share of fellow nominees from other shows, particularly Killing Eve, who found a better chance for enough recognition to win. Christopher Plummer said it best: whether you actually win the Award or not, if you’re nominated for it then you’re a winner. I always find comfort from that. I can vouch for how Jodie’s success in inspiring other actresses, particularly for SF shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Manifest, has inevitably earned her due recognition so far. Even when some episodes for each season don’t quite live up to expectations.

    Congratulations, Jodie, on your NTA nomination!

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  3. scifimike70 says:

    One high point I will indeed give S11 is that it was set mostly on Earth. That was a wise decision and it brings back fond memories of the UNIT era for the Pertwee years.

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