Stardew Valley

This week, our good friend and sometimes-contributor to our site has taken a moment to give us a view of one of the games he has been enjoying.  This weekend belongs to him…

The voice from the balcony:

While I normally play on consoles, XBOX, or PlayStation 4, I sometimes fire up the laptop and head over to my Steam account for some WASD fun. A few weeks ago, I picked up Stardew Valley on the XBOX and I was enjoying myself with the game. I’ve previously purchased the game on Steam so I decided to head on back to my laptop and see the differences between the two games. I cringe to type this as no doubt one of the lead writers here, ML (A huge PC master-race fanboy), is maniacally cackling, but I find that I enjoy the PC version better.

Stardew Valley is by no means a new game. It was released on Steam in early 2016. I find myself always enjoying this game as it has a relaxed pace to it. It is truly an “open world, country-life RPG” game which is quite fun even if slightly frustrating at times. There is no set timer or pushed quest chain, you can simply do whatever you want.

Stardew starts out with you in a dead-end office job (can anyone relate). You get a letter stating that you inherited a farm from your grandfather and the rest is history. You start with a few coins, some crappy rusty tools which you no doubt need a tetanus shot for, and a run-down farm. What you do next is up to you!


(Image utilized from Google Image Search)

I enjoy Stardew because I can choose to farm, fish, or mine. I generally only farm what I need to move the game forward and spend the rest of the time down in the mines during my first year.  Stardew adds some complexity with small-town charm, nosy citizens which you can develop relationships with, farm animals, and changing seasons.

I recommend picking up this game either on console or Steam and give it a try. The game’s jolly soundtrack and simplistic graphics lead to a nice relaxing gaming experience that will suck you into hours of farm-life bliss. If you pick the game up, let me know what you think in the comments below.  PR

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