Let’s stand here looking dangerous…

I’m officially “between games” right now.  I hit a wall with one game that just goes on indefinitely and the one I am waiting for is waiting for me to finish school.  29 days left, as of this post… So I pop into my games library (128 in Steam…) and debate.  Should I go back to a classic?  Ah, there’s Aragami.

Aragami was gifted to me by my son; the one whose birthday was last week.  He and I don’t have the same taste, so I wasn’t expecting to like it.  I can tell you that I gifted him a game when I knew he wanted one that was far more expensive, because he ended up giving me a great gift!  Aragami was special!


Vashta Narada; eat your hearts out!

Get this: in Aragami, you play an unnamed assassin who has the ability to control shadows.  I mean, come on?  If that doesn’t sound awesome!!  It’s a third person game and it’s fairly short: I completed it in 16 hours but at $20, and offering some fun replay value, I think it’s worth the money.  So shadow-control…  You know when an enemy is a real problem and you need to get around him but he won’t move?  Yeah, that’s when you summon a dragon from the shadows to eat the guy.  Or that group that’s blocking your way?  How about this: put a spell on another patrolman, and just as he gets near the group, open a black hole that sucks them all up.  OH YEAH!!!  I can hear the Kool Aid guy blasting through the wall…


Stalking one’s prey is so much fun!

You’d think with all these shadows that would make the game dark!  No, even nights are only as dark as a brightly lit evening under a full moon.  The graphics are gentle; coming off more like a cartoon or a movie that’s been rotoscoped.  More amazingly; I often turn the music in games off or drop the volume to maximize my “involvement” in a game.  Aragami has a soft Asian sound that is utterly captivating.   I love playing stealth games where you can really be a phantom, and with shadow control, you really feel it.  You can get through the whole game without being noticed.


Another one bites the dust!

The game does have a small amount of blood, but in the cartoon sense; it’s nothing that would alarm anyone.  Of course, slicing down an enemy with a sword might be a bit drastic for the younger audience, but I don’t think it’s too gruesome for even a young teenager.  Still, to maximize the enjoyment, I recommend a slow and steady approach. Going in swinging is all well and good, but taking your time, working your way through, and enjoying the journey is really going to offer the best experience.  It’s absolutely worth the price!  ML

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