Mirror’s Edge

mirrors edgeLast week, I mentioned wrapping up school in 8 days from the time of that post.  As of today’s post, it’s a day away.  I’ve been checking grades like a manic parent on Monday morning looking for the missing car keys!  But as I tell people about the fact that I completed it, I’ve used an age-old analogy: it was like running a marathon.  The difference is that with quizzes, papers, tests, discussion boards, presentations, and simulators putting you on the role of CEO, this marathon isn’t a straight-forward run.  It’s more like a hyperactive parkour course.  Doing it while still having bills to pay… well that feels like you have enemies at your heels!  I feel like the last 3 and a half years had me running up walls, leaping over fences, sliding under pipes, jumping across chasms, and in general disregarding the laws of physics all the while dodging those “Bill-ets” (see what I did with bills and bullets?… ok, enough of that!)  My point is simply that three years of school, while holding down a full time job, being an active participant with the family and in the home, maintaining a website, and still keeping up on my favorite shows… well, it makes a guy a bit like Faith in Mirror’s Edge.  (Dare I say, it takes a leap of Faith to do some of this?  Ok, I won’t say it…)

In Mirror’s Edge, you play Faith, a courier who moves data across a city that is far less Utopian than it might first appear.  Throughout, you have to navigate very difficult landscapes without missing a beat.  The game is a first person perspective parkour game that is non-stop action.  There’s little gun play from the protagonist, as she instead uses gravity as her weapon of choice, often drop-kicking her opponents just to get away.  Aim, timing, and eye-hand coordination are critical.

The game is dizzying!  The speed keeps the adrenaline pumping and taking your fingers off the keyboard is not advised.  You will feel like you’ve run a marathon after playing.  (See?  Age-old adage!)  Stunningly, this game was released by EA and Dice back in 2009 and still retails for $20.  (EA was one of my favorite game studios and I’ll talk about that soon enough!)  In 2016, a sequel was released but it was more of the same.  It was still fun, but it added nothing new that warranted extra attention.  It was a bit like Die Hard 2 – still great fun, but after that first one, you needed something special to distinguish it from the original.   I was able to get about 6 hours of play out of the first game and at $20, I would not be disappointed, but I snagged this beauty during a Steam sale for $5!!  Absolutely worth the price.

By the time it’s over, you’ll need a rest.  And I know the feeling.  I came home from work yesterday and today realizing: I didn’t have to study for the first time in years.  What a relaxing feeling!  I think I’ll kick back and watch something online.  Like a trailer… check this out for Mirror’s Edge…  ML

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