From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love

Sarah Jane Adventures Red Nose Day Ronnie CorbettIs that really the title?  Yes!  But that’s not all you won’t believe about this blip in the history of the Doctor Who universe.  In March of 2009, we were treated to a one-off episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, presented as part of Red Nose Day, a Comic Relief campaign.  What we get is just over 5 minutes of utter silliness.  And it’s exactly what we should expect for Red Nose Day.

The story has Sarah Jane and company futzing around the attic when Ronnie Corbett appears.  In the episode, his name is Rahnius, but Rani to his friends – this leads to an in joke about the comedian’s The Two Ronnies.  He sits down and gives Team Attic a bunch of head wear for defending the Earth (nice gift), starts farting (leading Clyde to do the same, all the while the group drops some fun back-and-forth quips), and then is revealed to be a Slitheen (because, of course he is – did you not see the title?).  He uses his gifts to immobilize Team Attic and intends to steal K-9, who makes a happy little cameo.  Obviously going to the location in space where K-9 floats by a black hole would have been too much trouble!  (The mind boggles even as I type this!)  Sarah Jane reverses Rahnius’s power, immobilizes him, sends him back to wherever he came from and, out of nowhere, K-9 is wearing a red nose.  (Because, duh!)

Oh.  My.  God!  What?!?!  Here’s the thing: it’s 5 minutes, it’s quirky as hell, and it is intended for laughs.  Sadly, we get none of the previous season’s emotional messages about family, friends, life, love, or even pet ownership but because it’s all done for a laugh, it is totally accepted!  Is there any hidden message?  Maybe: Rahnius mentioned something about a “galactic canteen”, which could be Mos Eisley… I’m not saying for sure, but you know… it’s a distinct possibility.  Seeing a Slitheen walking around that tourist trap seems totally believable.  Space Golf on the other hand, not so much.

Look at it this way: I know you spend far too much time on youtube watching far worse cat videos and you don’t think anything is wrong with that!  But you’re afraid to see this?  Go on… hit youtube one more time and look up this mind trip.  Warning: mental safety not guaranteed…

Enjoy this little romp into the universe of Sarah Jane Smith…  ML

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2 Responses to From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love

  1. scifimike70 says:

    This is another of Comic Relief’s best for Dr. Who alongside The Curse Of Fatal Death, Space And Time and One Born Every Minute (the 50th Anniversary crossover minisode with Call The Midwife). Thanks for including it among the Junkyard reviews. 🔴

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  2. Your sister says:

    I watched it. I was happy to see K-9 but that was weird. Funny little farting slug.

    Liked by 1 person

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