Unusual Doctor Who Photo #2: Colourful Daleks

Today’s photo from Doctor Who’s distant past is from the first ever Dalek story:


(source: tragicalhistorytour.com)

Most fans have probably seen colour photos of those original blue and silver Daleks, but just look at that control panel in the background!  What a labour of love went into making these sets, and all for the shades of grey that would make it onto television screens.   RP

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1 Response to Unusual Doctor Who Photo #2: Colourful Daleks

  1. scifimike70 says:

    For the Nazism elements of the Daleks, they may have looked all the more appropriate in black-and-white, until the colorful adventurism of Dr. Who/Daleks films changed that for eager children who wondered what the Daleks would look like in color. Let alone their cities and control panels.

    These resurfacing old photos are therefore always a treat. So thank you and please keep them coming.

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