Unusual Doctor Who Photo #4: Sensorites Unmasked

Many fans of classic Doctor Who will have seen the photos of John Scott Martin sat inside a Dalek from the first Dalek story, but what about other monster actors taking a break from filming?  From the same, first series of Doctor Who, we present the Sensorites unmasked!

(source: tragicalhistorytour.com)

It’s one of a few similar photos taken at the time, but I don’t think you can beat this one for an incongruous sight.  Most recognisable of the monster actors is the chap standing at the back with the glasses, Peter Glaze, who went on to host Crackerjack.  If you’ve seen that Doctor Who spoof they did, his face is the one in the mock up of the Doctor Who time vortex opening credits.  The one in the middle is Bartlett Mullins, and on the right is Eric Francis.   RP

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