Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger GirlThe Junkyard presents a review by Daz of the anime series Gunslinger Girl:

I’ve just finished Gunslinger Girl and I really didn’t know what to make of it at all. An agency within the police force takes abused girls from social services, wipes their memories and cybernetically enhances them to be used as assassins. That sounds pretty cool and what I thought was going to be a show about these badass girls shooting up the place actually turned into a slow paced show about these girls relationships with their handlers. Each girl has a handler from the police unit who is in charge of their training. They are completely responsible for the girl that they choose, even down to naming them. If the girls go wrong or don’t adapt, they face termination.

I thought this angle would be played out differently: one or some of the girls might still have some of their old memories and want revenge for what happened to them before they were taken; something similar to Robocop. But no, the girls are more bothered about their handlers and that’s what the show ended up being about entirely. I guess with them knowing only what they have now, it makes sense they would want the attention of the people responsible for them. This isn’t done in some kind of creepy way either which I’m glad the show avoided. It would have been VERY easy to have these male handlers have feelings of love or power over these girls like we see in other anime. I am glad that this show didn’t fall victim to that.

The music was also miserable and kept a very depressing mood over the whole anime. Even the OP sets you up for what’s going to be 24mins of melancholy. I get that the girls come from sad circumstances but cmon! Even the colour pallett is mostly gray with muted colours. This show screams misery in everything that it does.

There was so much potential here and it feels like a massive waste. If you’re going to have a miserable show then at least dwell on the miseries properly. It could have been a lot deeper.

I give this show a 6/10. It had some great ideas but I don’t think it expanded on them properly.  To my surprise, it has a second season. I’m curious to see what direction it will take and will seek it out at a later date. Surely it can’t be as bad as this…can it?  DT

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