Unusual Doctor Who Photo #5

This week’s unusual photo was taken during rehearsals for The Dalek Invasion of Earth.  It raises several questions…

dalek invasion of earth rehearsals odd hartnell photo

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

Some questions you might have about this photo could include:

  1. Who is William Hartnell about to punch?
  2. Whose ghostly leg is floating in front of him?
  3. Is the Doctor battling a ghost leg in this scene?

I’m of a vintage where my first camera used film, before the invention of digital, and you used to have to advance the film manually after each shot.  If you forgot to do that, you would end up with a double exposure, with the same frame used twice and one image would be superimposed over another.  Some photographers have used this as a deliberate technique, and most photographs that purport to show ghosts probably hail from the days of double exposures, either accidental or deliberate.  In this instance, I don’t think it’s a case of the photographer forgetting to advance the film before taking the next shot, because there are other photos in the collection that exhibit the same double exposure problem, so it’s probably a case of a photographer using a whole reel of film, forgetting it had been used, and reusing it by accident instead of getting it developed.

Don’t worry,  Chris Chibnall clearly enjoys retconning the minitiae of Doctor Who continuity so much that he’ll probably get round to including the Dalek Invasion of Earth ghost photos in an episode eventually…  RP

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