2021 in the Junkyard

Well, so long 2020. That was a bit different, wasn’t it. I can’t say I’m unhappy to see the year end, and a new one begin. I hope we’ve kept you all suitably entertained throughout the last year, and boy did we need some entertaining to take our mind of things, but let’s forget about all our troubles and look to the future. What’s happening in our cosy little corner of the internet?

Our ongoing series reviews will continue, of course, with Babylon 5 Season 5 wrapping up in April, the specials following into May, and then spinoff series Crusade through the summer. We recently started the fabulous original series of The Outer Limits, and that will continue right through 2021, finishing in December.

On the anime front, Mondays will continue to be the day for full series or film reviews, and there’s plenty of interesting stuff coming up, including I Want to Eat Your Pancreas and New Game! Our episode-by-episode anime articles continue on Saturday. When we have finished Elfen Lied, we will be moving on to Brynhildr in the Darkness at the end of January, and then the wonderful Girls’ Last Tour from May. From August onwards we will be doing something a bit different with our Saturdays, taking a look at the first and second seasons of 60s classic The Avengers. We are taking a break from our Star Trek reviews at the moment, but we will return to those with Season Two from July.

Sundays have become something of a wildcard day, and there will be lots of surprises through the year. I won’t spoil too many of them, but on 10th January we are trying something very different with a “binge watch” day, with six articles about all six episodes of The Strange World of Gurney Slade hitting the blog throughout the day. Don’t miss it!

Keep reading for a message from Mike.

There are plenty more treasures to be found in the Junkyard. Let’s see what we unearth in 2021…   RP

The view from across the pond:

I’ve always heard it said that hindsight is 20/20.  Well putting 2020 in the rearview mirror seems like a great idea.  Who knew how accurate that statement would be?   Still,  I’m sure we’ve learned a lot from this year, whether that was how to make do with less or how dangerous it can be to go to the grocery store!  Whatever the lesson, hopefully we’ve come out of it with a bit more wisdom than we started with.

But as we end the year, it’s a time for looking forward.  Hopefully, a vaccine will become available in 2021 that can allow us to gather with friends, without fear.  People can have parties and jobs will reopen.  One can hope!  But there are some things that are a bit more predictable, that require less faith, if perhaps a bit more patience.  We’ll be looking back on the final Doctor Who spinoff, Class, but that won’t be the end of our favorite Time Lord.  With the new episode coming on New Years Day, we can expect an early review of that holiday special and a collective look at the new animated Dalek series.  I will continue investigating video games, with a new series coming between reviews.  I also intend to return to Jordan Peele’s reboot of The Twilight Zone, season 2.  And we may have some more surprises along the way!

Some time in the future, I’m also planning to visit Moonbase Alpha, paying a visit to everyone’s favorite vampire slayer and crossing the boundary of imagination.  Maybe even a trip to the 25th Century is in the cards.  There are so many piles of magic scattered throughout the Junkyard… it’s going to take us a long time to uncover it all.  We hope to have you all with us for the new year and maybe gain some new friends along the way.

Goodbye 2020!  Hello, tomorrow…  ML

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2 Responses to 2021 in the Junkyard

  1. scifimike70 says:

    “Yes it all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard. And now it’s turned out to be a great spirit of adventure.” – William Hartnell

    Thank you both, ML and RP, very much and Happy 2021. 🌎🌏🌍🌌🖖🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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