Unusual Doctor Who Photo #8: Zarbi Conga

We’ve all done the conga at parties, haven’t we, maybe even in fancy dress… but this is truly impressive:

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

OK, so they aren’t actually doing the conga.  Another shot of the same scene will give us more information:

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

Ah, so that makes sense.  They are waiting for a bus.  Wait… what?  That Zarbi is a long way from Vortis.  Why is he waiting for a bus?  We need one more photo to explain everything:

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

A different group of children, and a different bus stop, but the sign in the background is our clue as to what was happening.  Shawcraft Models made many props for Doctor Who, including the Time-Space Visualiser from The Chase, the giant Macra prop from The Macra Terror, and in these photos they were obviously taking a Zarbi for a stroll around the local streets.  Here’s one last one from presumably the same day:

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

Well, if you’re going to have a pet it might as well be an impressive one.  But remember, when you are out for a walk, please clean up after your pet.  I hope he had a big bag with him…  RP

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  1. scifimike70 says:

    Thank you, RP, for another reason to look back nostalgically on the oldest monsters of Doctor Who.

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