Unusual Doctor Who Photo #13: Cyberman Phone Home

Invading other planets can be exhausting work.  Sometimes you just need to take a quiet moment to take in the local sights, and maybe make a quick phone call home to check on your fam…

Moonbase Cybermen photo shoot phone box

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

Fans of 60s Doctor Who will recognise these as Cybermen from The Moonbase, and this particular design of Cybermen never set foot on the Earth in a televised Doctor Who story, so what are they doing here, menacing a phone box?  Or here, waiting to catch a bus…

Moonbase Cybermen bus stop photo shoot

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

… or looking after a child while he goes shopping:

Moonbase Cybermen with child photo shoot

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

That seems slightly odd behaviour for a Cybermen, but they were also clearly focused on their invasion plans.  No barrier was too high or too strong to stop their advance…

Moonbase Cybermen photo shoot park

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

These photos are all actually from a publicity photo shoot taken on the day that the main Cybermen scenes for The Moonbase were being filmed at Ealing Studios, 19th January 1967.  Those were the days, when they completely undermined the fear factor of the new monster they were unveiling, by going all quirky with the pictures they took.  It brings back happy memories of Zarbi at a bus stop, or woman with dog and pram taking very little notice of a War Machine.  Then again, there’s something inherently scary about a Cyberman, whatever they are doing…

Moonbase Cybermen creepy photo shoot

Source: tragicalhistorytour.com

Policeman or not, I think I would turn around and walk the other way.  Or maybe… RUN!   RP

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  1. scifimike70 says:

    Nice to see that there’s more to the Cybermen than we thought. Thanks, RP.

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