Welcome to The View from The Junkyard.

Back in the early days of the rebooted Doctor Who, a website called The Doctor Who Review was brought to life.  It focused on the new series while taking periodic trips to the past to review some of the classic episodes as well.  It was started by one man and built on through contributions from a handful of people from all around the world.  But time and life took over and the site went away.  What did not die with the site was the friendships that it started.   Those friends stayed in touch often with many emails, many times a week.  There’s something to be said for a TV show that brings people together from all around the world and creates bonds that last.

2017 marked a great year for Doctor Who.  It came back for its tenth season and it came back in style!  Regenerating in a way that even the Time Lords would be proud of, it gave the viewer some much-needed awe and wonder; this was Doctor Who the way it was meant to be done.   This was a new lease on life for the show and for Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

A second milestone related to Doctor Who was to be found in Cardiff, Wales at the Doctor Who Experience.  For the first time, two of those friends from The Doctor Who Review would get a chance to meet and enjoy some time getting to know one another and their respective families.  Doctor Who bridged both time and space, as one might expect, and created memories that will last a lifetime!

Leading to the third milestone.  The resurrection of The Doctor Who Review, now updated, renamed, bigger and better than ever.  And those two guys who started the friendship that lead to the meeting 11 years later would be the ones to bring the site back.  And this time, it could cover all of Doctor Who, classic and new!  And maybe, in days to come, even take a side-trip or two to visit other noteworthy areas of science fiction.

It’s time to introduce everyone to the Doctor and all of his travels.  From those two teachers looking for their pupil late one November night to an enormous spaceship on the edge of a black hole, and beyond.  This is a look at all of Doctor Who as seen from both “sides of the pond”.  Expect spoilers, bad jokes, good poems and a mix of things in between, but most of all, expect it to be fun.

Step into the TARDIS and enjoy.

Welcome to The View from the Junkyard.

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