Welcome to The View from The Junkyard.

You’re probably wondering: “Why junkyard?”  It has been suggested that one man’s trash is another’s treasure, so think of it as something left behind for someone else to find; a treasure trove waiting for you to unearth buried treasure.  While the idea originated from the very first episode of Doctor Who, when two teachers went looking for a lost pupil in a junkyard, we’ve found so many more treasures in our Junkyard.  Like Barbara and Ian, who found that strange blue box that whisked them off to adventure after adventure, we’ve learned that there are many stories waiting for us too.  But how did it start?

Through nothing more than luck, two people found themselves reviewing the rebooted Doctor Who back in 2005 and 2006 on a website called The Doctor Who Review.  They became friends.  But like all good things, life took over and the site ended…  but the friendship didn’t.   After over a decade building that friendship online, they trekked out to Cardiff in Wales and met in 2017 to explore the Doctor Who Experience together.  And that was when they decided it was time to locate their own mysterious Junkyard, full of those wonderful worlds and amazing stories we all love.  OK, so how would that work?  Those two friends live on opposite sides of the pond!  Well, like the TARDIS itself, the internet is far bigger on the inside and spans more than just time and space; it can bridge viewpoints even from across the pond!

Since starting The View from The Junkyard, Roger and I have explored every episode of Doctor Who ever made.  But the Junkyard is way bigger than even Doctor Who.   Like two people actually exploring that Junkyard, we went in different areas and pulled out many treasures, then came running to show each other whatever we found, excited by the prospect of sharing our treasures.

“Look, Roger, I found Star Trek, and Babylon 5, and The Prisoner!”  “Oh, sounds interesting, Mike!  I found Erased and Another and Elfen Lied.”  “Huh, let’s trade and talk about it!”

The Junkyard has lead us to the most amazing worlds together and continues to give us things to talk about and share with you.  We have our own perspectives, often shaped by our experiences growing up across the pond from one another.  But we can discuss it all and learn about ourselves in the process.  We are no longer just a Doctor Who website; we’ve expanded beyond into other universes and will continue to do the very thing the Doctor would do: explore them all with an open mind.

Come in, take a seat in whatever corner of the Junkyard appeals, get a cup of tea, and keep an open mind… and explore all the wonders of the universe with us.  And share your thoughts with us!  We want to hear from you.

The Junkyard is open for business.

Welcome to The View from the Junkyard.

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