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Christmas Lost

Looking back through some old Bioscope magazines, covering the early days of cinema, there are plenty of references to films that were made to pull in the punters at Christmas.  The following quote is from the 5th November 1914 issue: … Continue reading

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Hogfather (Terry Pratchett)

LET’S GO SLEIGH THEM! Terry Pratchett was truly one of the greatest authors who ever lived.  So many fantasy authors over the years have produced tedious escapism, far removed from the real world, but Pratchett took a different approach.  He … Continue reading

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Santa’s TARDIS

Once upon a time there was a magical time machine that travelled through space.  It was disguised as an ordinary Earth object, and it was bigger on the inside than the outside.  It could travel great distances in the blink … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Christmas Lexicon

Sycorax is the mother of Caliban in The Tempest, and a moon of Uranus. Runaway Bride is a 1999 film starring Julia Roberts. HC Clements was an art connoisseur who purchased a portrait of Shakespeare in c.1840. Huon is a … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Christmas Songs

We all love a good festive pop song don’t we.  So why not mash up our favourite television series with the Christmas spirit?  Well, it has been tried once, in it’s purest form, so let’s start with the obvious, the … Continue reading

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The Dalek Book

54 years ago some lucky children found a very exciting annual in their Christmas stockings: The Dalek Book, subtitled “astounding stories of the outer space robot people of television’s ‘Dr. Who’”.  It was published by Panther Books Ltd in association … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Mr Bean

The three Doctor Who-less years on television between Survival in 1989 and Dimensions in Time in 1993 seemed like an eternity, let alone the seven-year gap between the end of the Classic Series and the Movie in 1996, or the … Continue reading

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