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The First Trick or Treat

The origins of “trick or treating” are debatable, but can probably be dated back to one of various festivals and traditions from the middle ages in Britain. However, something strikingly similar and almost certainly unconnected can be found in the … Continue reading

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The Creature from the Pit

Me only cruel immortality Consumes: I wither slowly in thine arms, Here at the quiet limit of the world… Oh dear, look at that monster.  It’s shaped like… well, that’s unfortunate.  How did nobody notice before it went in front … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The View from the Junkyard!  Over the last few months we have written nearly 150 articles, with something new every day since the blog started.  We are taking our first week off … Continue reading

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Christmas Doctors

Our regularly scheduled weekend post has been interrupted by this special treat.  But first, a quick story… When I met my wife, I discovered we both shared an admiration for a certain doctor.  You see where this is going, right? … Continue reading

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