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Star Trek: The Crier in Emptiness

This week we explored strange new worlds with Big Finish in Doctor Who’s Divergent universe in Scherzo.  Then we sought out strange new life forms in Star Trek with The Changeling.  Before I start a different Thursday series, I wanted to come … Continue reading

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Doctor Who on Vinyl 2

After working on my Six Degrees of Who: Life on Mars article, it put me in a musical frame of mind.  Plus, having just spent nearly 7 hours on an accounting project, my brain is ready to shut down and … Continue reading

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Doctor Who on Vinyl

Back in June of 2015, I connected Fathers’ Day with 9/11/01 on Roger’s alternate site.  (See full article here: Windows into History: 911 and Father’s Day) .  At the time of this writing, it’s the day before that ominous day.  … Continue reading

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