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What is Who?

Companion Tropes

  1. Ms Fanservice Peri
  2. Victoria the Woobie
  3. Adric the Scrappy
  4. Romana the Distaff Counterpart
  5. Manic Pixie Dream Clara
  6. Doubting Ben Jackson
  7. Adam the Foil
  8. Dodo the Millstone
  9. Jo the Heart of Who
  10. They Killed Rory Again
  11. Ping-Pong Susan
  12. Donna the Conscience
  13. Harry the Unfazed Everyman
  14. Mama Bear Jackie
  15. Cargo Cultist Katarina
  16. Mickey the Tin Dog
  17. Nyssa the Stoic
  18. Level Up Barbara
  19. Ace the Delinquent
  20. Swinging Sixties Polly
  21. Jack the Abomination
  22. Omnidisciplinary Scientist Liz
  23. Nardole the Cowardly Lion
  24. Turlough the Classical Anti-hero
  25. Amy Pond: Damaged Goods
  26. Jamie the Cuddlebug
  27. Tegan the Sarcastic Devotee
  28. Steven the Deuteragonist
  29. Martha: Superior Second Best
  30. Ian the Lancer
  31. Leela the Noble Savage
  32. Sara the Atoner
  33. Constantly Curious Bill
  34. Robot Buddy K9
  35. Genki Girl Mel
  36. Vicki the Mentor Companion
  37. Kamelion the Un-robot
  38. Zoe: All Brain and No Heart
  39. Rose the Friend Influence
  40. The Flanderized Brigadier
  41. The Chickified Sarah Jane

Companion Tropes Extra:

  1. Mike the Ensemble Dark Horse
  2. Handles the Wilson
  3. The Modern Prometheus’s Ashildr
  4. Villain Decay Victim Strax
  5. Dorium the Oracular Head
  6. Missy the Anti-Villain
  7. Sergeant Rock Benton
  8. The Ascended Astrid

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