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Call of the Sea

As frequent visitors to the Junkyard know, I am a fan of the works of HP Lovecraft.  Having recently read a graphic novel of one of his best works, The Mountains of Madness, I was still craving some time in that … Continue reading

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The Mountains of Madness (Blue Fox Comics edition)

I’m often told I’m a little weird.  Once upon a long time ago, I might have found that offensive but not any more.  When Craig asked the Doctor in the Doctor Who episode The Lodger if anyone ever told him … Continue reading

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Westmark Manor

Last week I mentioned that I found 2 games on Steam to help me sate my hunger for Eldritch horror.  While Old Gods Rising ended up being a bit more walking sim, Westmark Manor offers a far better Lovecraftian puzzler.  … Continue reading

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