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Travel journals offer us a window into the past. They free us from the interpretations and opinions of modern historians and offer us eye-witness accounts, from the perspective of a visitor to a foreign land.

The big events in history often had an impact on what tourists found when they arrived at their destination, but they were seldom the focus of their writing. Instead, they have left us with a snapshot of everyday life: the rich and the poor, the towns and the countryside, the behaviour and the misbehaviour. It is probably the closest we will ever come to travelling back into the past to find out what life was like. These old journals do not deserve to be forgotten; they are the key to our own history.

Windows into History - the bookThis is a detailed exploration of ten travel journals from the 19th Century, covering much of the globe. Explore a journey further along the Nile than anyone had ever been before, and read a fascinating unpublished journal. Some amazing journeys await…

Windows into History is a handsome casewrap hardcover volume, for only £12.99, available direct from the publishers.

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