Top of the Docs: Season 6

Season 6 was another game changer.  The season has some truly great ideas, but it gets interrupted by weaker stories.  Roger may have enlightened me to some ideas that I had missed and helped raise those episodes, but they still lacked a bit of punch.  Still, it’s a solid season overall and when it hits those high notes, it really does the series proud!

season 6

The Dominators

RP: 7 – An original anti-youth concept turned on its head, in a fascinating way, plus the frightening idea of childish aliens with child-voiced killer robots invading.  Underrated.

ML: 5 – After reading Roger’s review, I had to change my story and give a little more to this one… which doesn’t say much about how I originally felt.  I fight through this one every time.  It’s never been a strong one for me.  Destroy it!

The Mind Robber

RP: 9 – A near-perfect foray into surreal fantasy, let down slightly by the final episode.  The first episode is a masterpiece, and the clockwork robots are one of Doctor Who’s creepiest ever ideas.

ML: 10 – Easily the best of season 6.  Amazing idea!  Total mind-candy.  Episode one is a masterpiece (snap).  It is a creative powerhouse.  Mike typed in his review and the episode became even more amazing…

The Invasion

RP: 10 – The best UNIT story happens before the UNIT era gets going at all.  Holds back the Cybermen for as long as possible, and does lots of entertaining and interesting things while we are waiting for them to show up.

ML: 9 – I loved it but it went on just a little too long.  Stoney is a fantastic villain and the proper introduction of UNIT gives this one a special place in our hearts.  Packer??

The Krotons

RP: 8 – Give me this over Holmes’s later stuff any day.  His first effort is an instant masterpiece, a fascinating lesson in how there are different kinds of intelligence and Jamie’s is just as valid as Zoe’s.  Only the disappointing design work lets it down.

ML: 5 – Here again, it was Roger who swayed me bringing out the point on different types of intellect – excellent idea – but this story is hard to get through and the plot plods along.  Great jumping gobstoppers!

The Seeds of Death

RP: 9 – Magnificently claustrophobic, and by far the best Ice Warriors story.  It would just have been nice if the Doctor solved things with intelligence rather than luck.

ML: 9 – Something about this one just resonated with me from the first time I’d ever seen it.  The Ice Warriors are terrifying.  Had to drop one point though for the whole hallway running scene with mirrors… it was clearly filler.  Otherwise the story is genius.  Geniussssss?

The Space Pirates

RP: 4 – I think the last couple of episodes would revive this story’s reputation to some extent if they were found, but the first half definitely drags a lot.  Mostly that’s due to Holmes structuring the story very badly indeed.

ML: 3 –Wendy looks great, Troughton is awesome and Jamie is always a blast.  Milo adds a sense of humor but nothing really happens contrary to the captain’s report.  They even forgot that space should have stars!  Nothing newfangled in this story.  I know, don’t be such a pessimist!

The War Games

RP: 8 – Stretches things out very cleverly by levelling up through the hierarchy of villains, and comes close to justifying the ten-episode length, but slightly heavy going at times, and the ending is depressing.

ML: 9 – It goes on too long and to be fair, the first 9 parts are only mildly interesting with a lot of back and forth escapes and repeat ideas.  But the final episode changed Doctor Who yet again and introduced us to his people.  That changed completely.  Oh, you’re making me giddy!

In the end, Troughton goes out with another great season and proves that he will always be the Doctor.  He ensured the series future for generations to come.  Great job!  Cheers, Pat… ML

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