Pilot Episodes

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

  • Try and Catch Me (coming 1st January 2023)
  • Murder Under Glass (coming 8th January 2023)
  • Make Me a Perfect Murder (coming 15th January 2023)
  • How to Dial a Murder (coming 22nd January 2023)
  • The Conspirators (coming 29th January 2023)

Season Eight

  • Columbo Goes to the Guillotine (coming 7th May 2023)
  • Murder, Smoke and Shadows (coming 14th May 2023)
  • Sex and the Married Detective (coming 21st May 2023)
  • Grand Deceptions (coming 28th May 2023)

Season Nine

  • Murder: A Self Portrait (coming 4th June 2023)
  • Columbo Cries Wolf (coming 11th June 2023)
  • Agenda for Murder (coming 18th June 2023)

more to follow…

Mrs Columbo: Season One

  • Word Games (coming 5th February 2023)
  • Murder is a Parlor Game (coming 12th February 2023)
  • A Riddle for Puppets (coming 19th February 2023)
  • Caviar with Everything (coming 26th February 2023)
  • A Puzzle for Prophets (coming 5th March 2023)

Mrs Columbo: Season Two (Kate Loves a Mystery)

  • Ladies of the Afternoon (coming 12th March 2023)
  • It Goes with the Territory (coming 19th March 2023)
  • Off the Record (coming 26th March 2023)
  • The Valley Strangler (coming 2nd April 2023)
  • A Chilling Surprise (coming 9th April 2023)
  • Falling Star (coming 16th April 2023)
  • Feelings Can Be Murder (coming 23rd April 2023)
  • Love, on Instant Replay (coming 30th April 2023)