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Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Arguably one of the most unnerving episodes of Classic Trek, Where No Man has Gone Before features Captain James R. Kirk’s school friend, Gary Mitchell.  They are so close that when Gary summons a tombstone, he forgets Jim’s middle name.  … Continue reading

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Okko’s Inn

This is one of many films marketed for it’s ex-Studio Ghibli staff member credentials. The director is Kitaro Kosaka, who was a key animator for the studio. It’s worth mentioning, because if you are looking to find that Ghibli magic … Continue reading

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Pliny’s UFO

Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia is a fascinating piece of work, displaying an understanding of the world that seems remarkably ahead of its time. The first book concerns what we could broadly term astronomy. I recommend reading the whole text, … Continue reading

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1000 Posts in the Junkyard!

Just a quick, self-indulgent note to celebrate that we have hit the milestone of 1000 posts today.  For a blog that only started less than three years ago, that’s quite an achievement.  Over the course of those 1000 posts we … Continue reading

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The Fanservice Debate: Sankarea Episode 8

Can fanservice ever be justified in anime or is it a disturbing and unnecessary aspect of the genre? In this occasional series we look at the rights and wrongs of fanservice and other questionable content in anime. A warning: this … Continue reading

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Another Episode 9

“Body Paint” The view from Igirisu: After a bit of chatter about the cause of Nakao’s death, which doesn’t seem particularly relevant, as running away doesn’t save people from the curse anyway, and then another of Koichi’s nightmares, which feels … Continue reading

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Babylon 5: Shadow Dancing

Z minus 7 days and we are busy Shadow Dancing!  This weeks A plot has Sheridan and the Army of Light going on a Shadow offensive.  In the B plot, Franklin is finally going to meet himself and come to … Continue reading

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