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Babylon 5: Confessions and Lamentations

I love it when a writer is skilled at world building.  I wish Doctor Who did a better job with that, but the nature of that show is different to a cohesive universe like Babylon 5.  When Straczynski puts proverbial … Continue reading

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Unusual Doctor Who Photo #4

Many fans of classic Doctor Who will have seen the photos of John Scott Martin sat inside a Dalek from the first Dalek story, but what about other monster actors taking a break from filming?  From the same, first series … Continue reading

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The Ascended Astrid

Companion Tropes Extra 8 Doctor Who tends to shy away from religion. It’s probably a subject that’s a bit too emotionally charged on a personal level for a family series, and whatever it did would upset somebody. But that’s not … Continue reading

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Sound! Euphonium

The premise of Sound! Euphonium is just the sort of slice-of-life story that might baffle those who are not familiar with the world of anime. In the Western world in particular, we are used to our tidy little genres that … Continue reading

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Christmas Lost

Looking back through some old Bioscope magazines, covering the early days of cinema, there are plenty of references to films that were made to pull in the punters at Christmas.  The following quote is from the 5th November 1914 issue: … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Bad Wolf 2008

Mike’s excellent convention report this week has inspired me to take a look at some of my own archived convention reports, so I have dug out the following from July 2008, included here now as a historical curiosity. The first … Continue reading

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The Day of Sagittarius

The junkyard presents two articles about the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya episode The Day of Sagittarius. The view from 5930 miles away: The computer club guys are after revenge. How foolish of them. Bringing a challenge to Haruhi is like … Continue reading

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