Mirai (a review by Daz)

miraiWe welcome new contributor Daz to the Junkyard.  The following is his review of the anime film Mirai.

Being able to fully appreciate things depends on your own life experiences I feel and whilst this is a sweet movie that tells a relatable story, I couldn’t get into it.

Mirai is about a young boy who suddenly has his world turned upside down by the birth of a new baby sister. No longer getting the attention he used to get is new and upsetting and we see him learning to cope with and understand these feelings.

His back garden becomes the place where he is able to self sooth whilst also learning self reliance.

Yes you can relate to this if you put it in any scenario and I understand that, but the whole older sibling thing is wasted on me as I’m the youngest. Quite frankly I don’t know if that’s what stopped me from liking this movie. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen or dealt with this kind of film before so it was over for me before it had begun and I was just left waiting for the inevitable ending.

The art style is good. I loved how bright and clean it looked. The animation is the star of this film for me. It is really clean and fluid. There was one scene where the dog chases a ball and it was just great.  It only lasted about 3 seconds but I appreciate little things like this as they didn’t need to animate that at all but they did it anyway.

One annoying thing about this film was the sound. Whenever the parents spoke (especially the mother) it would get really low so I would have to turn it up. I must say that this was the dub as I didn’t like the sub so I don’t know if it had the same sound problems.

I give this film a 5/10. I just see it as average. If you’ve never seen anything that you related to before and this was it, I understand how it can be seen as amazing but I think being older has screwed me over on this.   DT

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